Foot Reflexology

By applying pressure to reflex points on the soles of your feet, tension is relieved throughout your whole body. This time deluxe course includes a special foot treatment, just for you.

Hawaian Massage

Especially designed for long journeys guests , like to strongly focus ontreating shoulders and back , using Vietnamese stylepressure point foot massage to soothe your tired feet.The treatment will help restore strength and reducestress .

The Vietnamese

This is a traditional folk therapy Hue . With the movements of massage and acupuncture with cupping press during therapy. This therapy helps you clear away the daily fatigue and helps the blood flow better.

Hot Stone Therapy

The healing power of warmed stones has been recognized by numerous cultures for centuries. The deep heat of stones penetrates the muscles, providing an immediate relaxation response. Mentally, the individual can reach a state of relaxation within minutes of applying the first stones. This treatment is incorporated with both hand and stone massage


This style of treatment focuses on a deeper sense of nurturing, relaxation, revitalization and a sense of balance in your life. The massage using essential oil mixed with olive oil for the soft and rhythmic strokes.

The Swedish Massage

A classical European relaxing massage that using gentle long, smooth strokes to soothe aches and pains and relieve stress and tension. Be stroked head to toe!

Back – Head – Shoulder and Neck

Let your tension muscles relieving. Specifically targeting on your back, shoulders and neck areas, this powerful massage is focused where you need it most.